xenical for weight lossThe drugs that aid in treating obesity by causing weight loss are commonly termed as diet pills. Online pharmacies have open windows that offer the provision of choosing the best medication as per individual’s medical condition and requirement. Therefore, a lot many diet pills are available to choose from and two of the most effective widely known ones are Xenical and Phentermine.

Although there is a long list of factors such as efficacy, safety and side effects of the drug, effectiveness is one key factor that helps in deciding preference of one medication over another.

How working of Xenical is different from Phentermine?

Chemically, Xenical is a fat absorption inhibitor that works by blocking the enzyme, called lipase that is responsible for the breakdown of fat. As a result, the fat that is eaten with the meals is neither metabolized nor absorbed but excreted out as the bowel.

This is one strategy of reducing accumulation of fat in the body that contributes to obesity. In fact, it is an easy way to chuck out fats since the body doesn’t need to work hard for metabolizing the fat and ensuring that it is not stored in the tissues.

The side effects linked to Xenical include fecal changes such as oil spotting, flatus with discharge, fecal urgency, fatty stool and oily evacuation, increased defecation and rarely, fecal incontinence. Since no adverse reactions have been reported, Xenical has been made available under name Alli without prescription by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Phentermine is the drug that treats obesity by affecting central nervous system. It has chemical stimulants that interact with the brain and suppress the urge for hunger and cravings for food. So instead of interfering with the metabolism, this drug acts smartly by directing brain to give a feeling of fullness so that food intake is reduced and no extra efforts need to be done by the body to break down the excess food.

Xenical vs Phentermine: Is Xenical as effective as Phentermine?

Addressing this question is quite difficult since both of the medications: Xenical and Phentermine have different modes of action, different side effects and slightly different conditions in which they are prescribed.

Xenical is best for people who cannot compromise much with their favorite fatty foods as Xenical ensures that no excess fat is retained in the body. While Phentermine regulates hunger and directs the body to intake less food.

Both of the medications have proven their worth when it comes to treating obesity but surprisingly, there are no studies or scientific data supporting efficacy and safety of Xenical. But this, in no way concludes that Xenical is less efficient than Phentermine.

Lack of scientific data makes answering this question difficult but then if Xenical works better than Phentermine for person, it is more effective for his body and if vice-versa happens for person B, then Phentermine is more effective than Xenical for person B.

Thus, the effectiveness of the drug is a highly personalized factor that can be analyzed and used for prescribing the right drug by the physicians only.


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