Just strike a conversation with any weight loss expert and enquire about the best weight loss tips. Definitely, you will get to hear only these two. One is to undergo physical exercises and the other one is to incorporate changes in the diet plan. There is no other golden rule apart from it. In this page, we will be talking about the best exercises to lose weight and the uniqueness of each exercise. To put it on record, these exercises are the suggestions of our weight loss experts that can yield wonderful response when practiced intensely. Below are the top five weight loss exercises recommended for both the sexes with an urge to lose weight and trim the body.

Exercise # 1:- Running

Running is an exercise that triggers the burning of excess calories in the body. Experts claim that up to 600 calories can be burned per hour upon undertaking this exercise. Moreover, it strengthens the bones and connective tissues which indeed regulates the pumping of the heart at a rate which is supposed to be. Many weight loss experts consider running as a high-voltage weight loss exercise that can burn a tremendous amount of calories contained in the body within a short duration of time.

Exercise # 2:- Interval Training

Indulging in interval training is one of the best exercises to lose weight if one intends to lose weight in a sustained manner. Perhaps, it is another powerful weight loss exercise. The maximum time duration of interval training should not exceed more than 20 minutes. The frequency of interval training should not exceed more than thrice a week. Interval training is nothing but undertaking assorted workouts in a short span of time. It is better to start off with warm-up exercise, and then proceed to push ups. The calories burnt through interval training is enormous than any steady exercise.

Exercise # 3:- Cross Fit

Though cross fit is categorized as a high-intensity weight loss exercise, it should be undergone only by people who are exercising regularly for about two months. This exercise regimen comprises of weight lifting, kettlebell exercise, and plyometrics. The exercises involved in cross fit are capable of burning the excess fat. A typical cross fit training comprises of push-ups, pull-ups, squats and sit-ups. All these should be performed one after the other with just three minutes gap between each exercise.

Exercise # 4:- Jumping Rope

Many consider jumping rope as a child’s play. In reality, it is not so. Perhaps, it is a weight loss exercise with high fat-burning abilities. It burns a huge amount of calories. It is advised to perform this exercise for about 10 minutes at the initial stage. Over a period of time, the duration should be increased. It is estimated that somewhere around 800 calories get burnt upon an hour of jumping rope exercise. This exercise is also known to improve the concentration and endurance abilities.

Exercise # 5:- Aerobics

Aerobics is one of the best exercises to lose weight that has gained prominence in the recent past. Considered to be a low-intensity workout, it is good for improving the cardio functioning. By indulging in 45-miutes of aerobic exercise, an estimated amount of 550 calories is burnt in the body. Perhaps, this exercise can be practiced by individuals of all age groups. It mainly recommended for overweight individuals who find it hard to undergo another physical exercise.

By undergoing these five exercises on a daily basis, individuals can lose weight naturally instead of opting for medications route. All these five recommended exercises carry fat-burning qualities and can trigger weight loss if when practiced with perfection.

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