Phentermine is a drug commercially popular with the brand names Adipex-p, Oby-Cap, Suprenza is a stimulant used to suppress the appetite. Phentermine is used to treat obesity in people who are suffering from severe symptoms like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty liver, diabetes etc. When it comes to shedding weight, using phentermine is a great option due to its high efficiency in a combination weight plan. They act on central nervous system of the patient where they release certain chemical signals to interfere with the neurons. Since weight-loss pills like Meridia and phentermine acts directly with CNS, they have potential scope to get abused, such that in countries like Australia and Germany they are sold as a prescription drug.

phentermine for weight lossThe reason for obesity is usually uncontrolled food intake, poor diet plan, high fat and carbohydrate content in the food, sedentary life style etc. When lots of fat and carbs are received by the body than what is required, there is no provision to excrete and instead stores them under reserve spots for future use. But inactive lifestyle makes that impossible to happen finally leading to obesity. Other than stated reasons, genetics, medication, age, pregnancy, improper sleep etc. are other reasons for gaining weight. The Phentermine drug on this case will act on the brain to suppress appetite such that the obese person is forced to skip some extra meals a day contributing less calorie count.

How exactly phentermine acts on the CNS?

CNS or Central Nerves System is a complex network of neurons that comprises of our spinal cord and brain which is usually responsible for controlling various daily activities like respiration, digestion, circulation, sensing, vision, taste, thinking etc., along with is the urge to eat food or appetite. Phentermine releases a certain chemical molecule that can interfere with the neuron to neuron signaling in the synapse or chemical junction of signal transmission whereby inducing a no hunger condition. Inside the brain, it works on the hypothalamus known as the hunger center which is the reason for releasing chemical signals to induce hunger. Phentermine weight loss occur by releasing a compound known as epinephrine and norepinephrine between neurons but occasionally release serotonin and dopamine too.

How to lose weight effectively with phentermine?

Phentermine alone cannot do a miracle in your body, phentermine medication is just an aid which speeds up the process of weight loss. When a patient consults a doctor, they give a combination therapy including more than 1 treatment to reduce weight. Obviously, Phentermine is one among them. Yoga, aerobics, dancing, several other exercises are other options with the patients. Other than what the doctor might offer a strict diet plan in order to drastically reduce unwanted calorie source like meat, rice, fish, etc. Skipping heavy breakfast to fruits and veggies along with phentermine medication is preferred by some doctors such that the patient takes enough nutrients required for the body and are also less preferred to take a mid-day meal before lunch.

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