There is a whale of weight loss information floating around with no semblance of fact attached to them. Everyone who comes across weight loss tips share them carelessly with other persons without verifying the truth behind these tips. A lifestyle that includes a lot of unhealthy food choices and sedentary way of life has made a lot of people face health issues from weight management like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart diseases. The number of sham companies that promise quick weight loss has also increased. For effective weight loss, you must understand your body’s capacity to burn fat and its metabolism rate, and plan your diet and exercise accordingly. With advice from healthcare experts, we can check if these seven well-known weight loss tips hold water or not.

1. All fat is unhealthy

Fat is not unhealthy as it is just a concentrated form of energy. Your body requires fat to perform certain functions. Choose foods with healthy fats instead of fats with bad cholesterol. Fat takes a longer time to digest and keep you feeling full for longer. Limit the fat intake to prevent it from being stored in the body as cellulite.

2. Fruit and vegetable diets are enough for weight loss

If your choice to follow a vegan style of diet is for weight loss, avoiding dairy and meat by considering them unhealthy is not a healthy weight loss method. You can include low-fat dairy and lean meats into your meals and still lose weight. A vegetarian diet is healthier if you ensure that your body is receiving sufficient nutrition from sources like whole grains, pulses, and nuts.

3. Fast weight loss is unhealthy

This is true especially if you follow fad diets as you may end up dehydrated and lose muscle mass. Once you stop the diet you are likely to gain back any lost weight or weigh more than what you did prior to the diet. Do not embark on any diet without any proof or medical consultation. You know your body best and what it requires to remain healthy.

4. Will power is enough for weight loss

No, will power is not enough for effective weight loss. For lasting weight loss, one must plan diet and exercise based the body’s needs. Analyzing an individual’s BMI (body mass index) will help in planning the weight reduction methods.

5. Snacking between meals is bad

Snacking is bad only if you reach out for unhealthy processed foods that have high sodium, trans-fats, and sugar. Opt for healthier snacks like unsalted nuts, fruits, and home preparations. Pay attention to what you eat instead of mindless snacking.

6. Weight loss diets work

Yes, weight loss diets work if it gives equal importance to both diet and exercise. Set realistic targets before embarking on any weight loss plan. Starving yourself and avoiding healthy food will affect your body adversely.

7. Exercise can bulk you up

This is entirely untrue. A person can build muscle with exercise only by when doing workouts that are designed to do so. Lifting weights, push-ups, and pull-ups are all strength training exercises that can help burn stored fat, thereby giving your muscles a way to become lean and toned. Physical activity boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss.

8. Eating healthy is expensive

This is an untrue myth that probably rose in people’s mindset with the popularity of organic foods. Some retailers price organic produce exorbitantly. One can compensate for the costs by preparing meals that use cheaper cuts of meat, legumes, pulses, and whole grains. When you compare the costs, home-prepared food is lesser than buying unhealthy alternatives that processed.


Hi everyone
I am Anna, 25 years old woman from New York, USA. I want to share some tips to lose weight through my weight loss success story. I have posted few articles related to it in this website. No matter how obese you are, it is possible to lose the excessive fat when my tips are followed.

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