Belly fat is embarrassing and can lead to several health complications. Fat accumulation in belly happens because of high-fat caloric intake, and due to lack of physical exercise. Diabetes is a medical condition that is very much synonymous with belly fat. Regardless of the sex, individuals with excess belly fat should take all efforts to burn the excess fat around the belly, so as to ensure a healthy living. There are physical exercises recommended to get rid of belly fat at the earliest instance. However, these exercise are ideal only for individuals who aren’t obese, whilst it is difficult to perform by people who are overweight. In order to enable overweight people lose belly fat, suggests five belly fat diet that can be well incorporated into the diet plan. Expecting drastic improvement right immediately upon following the diet regimen for a week’s time is highly unfair. In order to witness a noticeable improvement, the belly diet regimen should be followed for at least months’ time. In the below lines, we suggest the best belly fat diet regimen through which the answer to the question “how to lose belly fat fast” is answered elaborately. Following are the five belly fat diet regimen that can be practiced by individuals of all age groups.

1.Consume protein rich food

Any diet that is not rich in omega-3s is bound to create some health complications. Diet that is deprived of omega-3s impact the rhythms associated with pineal gland, which could in turn obstructs the production of sleep hormone by name Melatonin. Since, belly fat is the resultant effect of excess caloric intake, a diet rich in omega-3s i.e. protein enriched food will make a person fell full thus bringing down the urge to eat more. On the other hand, protein enables to burn more calories than fats or carbs. Some of the food rich in omega-3s are walnuts, seeds, dark leafy greens, salmon and sardines. Hence, consuming protein rich food is highly critical.

2.Intake of Nuts

Nuts are rich in magnesium content and triggers weight loss too. Magnesium rich foods are Nuts, lentils, grains like brain and black beans. Nuts contain healthy fat and are rich in Vitamin-E too. Moreover, nuts have high levels of polyunsaturated fats and antioxidants that very much helps a person’s ongoing effort to get rid of belly fat.

3.Nonstarchy Vegetables

Vegetables are part of a healthy diet plan, and with leafy vegetables it is no exception. Instead of consuming vegetables like potato, it is better to opt leafy non-starch vegetables. These vegetables have excess anti-inflammatory properties and are considered to be best belly fat burner. Even despite achieving target weight, one can take four servings of nonstarchy vegetables on a daily basis. Diet plan with nonstarchy vegetables is the fastest way to lose belly fat.

4.Have peanut butter

There is none who dislikes butter. Individuals opting to lose belly fat fast should take peanut butter, as it is made of only two ingredients namely peanut and salt. Peanuts offer fiber, protein and monounsaturated fats that are highly effectively in burning belly fat. Diet experts argue that peanuts has a compound by name Genistein, which is known for its ability to impact the obesity genes, thereby obstructing the body’s ability to store fat.

5.Greek yogurt

Yogurt contains calcium and protein, both of which are powerful in reducing the belly fat. The advantage with Greek yogurt is that it contains double the amount of protein, and because of which an individual who tends to consume it feels full for a longer period of time. This in fact abstains a person from having frequent meals.

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